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Rapidly identify, build, and sustain necessary organizational capabilities

In this period of ceaseless technological development and immense economic growth, is of utmost importance for any organization to constantly match up the speed of everchanging market conditions. Capacity building is a planned development process that enables organizations and societies to enhance their skills and abilities and thereby meet the needs of growth while staying ahead of the competition. Strategically planned capacity building can create unique opportunities for development, enhance productivity and foster innovation at the same time.

The key to the success of capacity building initiatives is to link them with the performance and the value drivers of the specific organization. Silverlake has crafted a unique highly scalable approach to capacity planning and development providing all the necessary means for rapidly identifying , building, and  sustaining targeted capabilities. Drawing on the contemporary adult learning principles as well as innovative experiential approach, we shape the real development path of your company. By establishing sustainable institutional processed and appropriate systems, our approach guarantees measurable impact that gets translated into significant performance improvement. Silverlake targets the success that is backed by an accurate measurement system and relevant metrics.

What makes Silverlake Approach unique?

We handcraft a fully tailored approach to each of our clients. The design of our  capacity building programs considers the values, principles and unique requirements of your business since its inception. Silverlake leverages real work and complements it with experiential blended learning. Our capacity building programs extend to each important learning domain from cognitive to behavioral and affective.

What to expect from our capacity building initiative?

Silverlake builds and designs programs that achieve specific objectives, with content that is tailored to a specific industry, company and role. We ensure you accomplish subject mastery from the very foundations all the way to more complex concepts by employing reinforced learning that is enriched with exercises for maximized retention.

At Silverlake, we make sure not to just lecture, but to provide and exceptionally interactive, engaging, and high-touch experience with a variety of creative approaches.