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Would you like to move your career to a whole new level? Are you looking for more than just a piece of advice? Do you want to take advantage of powerful, extensive experience of subject-matter experts that can enhance your accountability, boost your self-awareness, and help you design plan of action? Whether these are your first steps on your professional path or you are aspiring to get to the C-suite, Silverlake careers team is right one to address. Move beyond the competition and nourish your career development strategy with the help of our consultants. We promise measurable results and individually tailored approach that meets your unique needs.

  • Career choice or change consultations.
  • Career exploration and development strategy
  • Career portfolio services
  • Professional, optimized Resume creation and futuristic cover letter
  • Job search strategy coaching
  • Interview preparation &practice coaching
  • Win-win salary negotiation
  • Networking strategy & implementation coaching
  • Skills and talent assessment & analysis
  • Job placement and hiring services
  • Small business coaching
  • Professional growth coaching.