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Corporate Wellness Programs

How will your company continue to grow and be competitive if the health of your workforce continues to decline?

Are your corporate healthcare costs skyrocketing? Are you constantly losing momentum in productivity due to sick employees? The overall health of your employees directly impacts every facet of your company.

Silverlake is here to help you create and implement a workplace wellness platform that increases employee productivity and lowers costs associated with healthcare expenses. Our corporate wellness programs are tailored to each company (no cookie-cutter programs here!), and we structure them to empower employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. And we do all of this while thinking about your corporate strategy and making sure all programs are aligned with your operations so you can achieve maximum profitability.

The health of your employees has a direct impact on the success of your organization. Studies show that employees who participate in nutrition and physical fitness programs are generally happier and more productive – they are also more likely to stay with the company who offers these programs.

Our corporate wellness program includes a variety of support:

  • Mental Health and challenges for employees.
  • Wellness education
  • Professional coaching
  • Incentive development